Subscribe and Become a Parable Sharer

Everything we've accomplished has been with volunteers on a $0 budget.
Just imagine what we will do when you became a Parable Sharer!

Our work will always be free and available to the world.  However, we need money to operate, run our studio, pay our full-time staff and actors for their work.  That’s why we need Parables Sharers to purchase a monthly subscription.

Publicly traded companies have shareholders; we have Parable Sharers!

Upon our founding, we decided to  set the company up as a regular business and pay taxes, and not be at the potential mercy of the government just for a tax-free status.  We need the freedom to say what the Lord puts on our hearts.  And we know that the scriptures are true regardless of tax exemption.

“Give and it will be given unto you, pressed down shaken together and running over”.  Thank God for putting an increase on any work of His that people support.

That’s why we have put together the Parable Sharer Program. 

Sharers will make this work possible.   Sharers make ministry happen!

A Sharer is Responsible for

  • Sharing - the message, the films and the products
  • Sharing in Prayer for the work
  • Sharing a monthly membership
  • Sharing in the joy of the work!

Who is perfect for joining the Sharers Movement?

  • An average person who believe in the work that we do.
  • Someone who understands that we can reach the world together.
  • A person with a heart towards sharing the Gospel in a modern way.
  • Someone with a heart for Christian Arts.
  • A person who believes that a story may be able to reach someone who won't respond to traditional ministry.
  • Someone willing to see what can be accomplished by joining with others.
  • A person willing to be an active part of the marketing team – getting the tools out to the world.
  • Someone willing to receive the “kingdom” benefits of supporting Kingdom work.

If any of this is true for you then become a Parable Sharer TODAY!

A Parables Sharer -  $5 Monthly Subscription

A Parable Friend - $10 Monthly Subscription

A Parable Patron - $20 Monthly Subscription

You may also create a One-Time Membership as often as you like.

A Parable Sponsor - $2,500  

A Parable Benefactor - $1,000

A Parable Donor - $250

A Parable Supporter - $150