Pocket Parables Media operates as a family of believers sharing in faith and a desire to see God move throughout the earth through our talents.

For me Pocket Parables as been the prayer that keeps on giving and so I am honored to serve under the people who have been such an enormous blessing in my life. In the summer of 2010 I was a theatre major living a life far from God, and then I got radically saved. I questioned the Lord on whether or not I could continue to act as my options at the University involved roles I was no longer comfortable with. The very next day I saw an ad on Facebook "calling all Christian actors" that was 6 years ago. In addition to providing me a place to use my creative talent for the Lord, Pocket Parables started a church when I needed structure, a book study when I needed guidance and a job when I needed provision.

— Brookelyn

I cannot tell you what it means to us to have your prayers for [my husband's] cancer problems and prayers for my little grandson for his heart test. I feel we are more religious since I joined Pocket Parables. We read and discuss the gospel almost daily together. [My husband] in his recovery has sought out the Lord more often as have I. Thank you.

— Sharon

Kevin and Shari are a blessing to work with. I'm so thankful to be able to serve as a minister for Christ on their team. They understand the importance of prayer and putting God first. They are truly on fire for Christ! Every time our Pocket Parable team meets for rehearsals, filming, etc. Kevin and Shari are always so encouraging to me! I love being a part of their family!

— Ben

Family has always been very important to me. Families come in all shapes and sizes. We don't always spend as much time with our extended family as we want to, but we are there for each other when one of us is in need. And we cherish the time we do get to spend together.

Pocket Parables is a family. When we come together to rehearse or film, it's like coming home. There is warmth and love and excitement. We cheer each other on. We celebrate one another's successes. We push each other to give our best. We have compassion for each other in our struggles. We pray together in agreement... for each other, for our calling, for our viewers, for those God still wants us to reach. I love my Pocket Parables family. I'm so blessed to be a part of it.

— Joy

While I held never held any delusions of grandeur about a full-time career as an actor or writer, I really wanted to find a way to get more fulfillment out of my two great passions; the aforementioned 'career' and my relationship with God. Never did it occur to me that I could, in some way, combine them. But, lo and behold, my girlfriend noticed an ad on Facebook proclaiming "Calling All Christian Actors!"
The Lord heard my unspoken plea more clearly than had I stated it. He found a way for me to enjoy both passions simultaneously, a way to use the gifts given to me to do that which I had always feared most; outreach!
What an answer to a prayer I had never verbalized! Pocket Parables has not only allowed me to enjoy both passions together, but the support and teachings of the team have helped me to grow in so many different directions in my service to the Lord than I ever thought possible.

— Todd