Some have called us "Internet missionaries";
telling the stories of Christ, in a modern way through modern means to reach the world!

Mission Statement

Pocket Parables Media is dedicated to the production and distribution of quality Christian film that is designed to bring glory to God, encouragement to believers and salvation to the lost.

Our purpose is to walk as Christ did.  By using modern technology we tell stories that compel men to understand the truths of the Kingdom of God. Many will never set foot in a church, but by watching a Pocket Parables film they will see the truth of God’s love displayed with high quality graphics, dramatic story lines and exciting plot twists.  

Company Vision

  • Establishing Pocket Parables Studios around the world that will create films that are culturally relevant to its region.   
  • To reach the world through multiple media channels including film, television, music, books, video games and merchandise.  
  • Building an internet network and cable/satellite television network which will feature the broad range of Pocket Parables shows, mini-series, full length features and family programming. 

Company Motto

“Reaching the World through the Power of the Parable.”

Kevin & Shari with Bishop Paul Mokana of Andhra Pradesh, India